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Marina Point Harbor, FL

The Background and Challenge

In order to maximize the value of the asset, we conducted thorough research to demonstrate that the marina was a unique buying opportunity. We contacted the Army Corps of Engineers and the city to verify the marina’s permits. We discovered, to the pleasant surprise of the seller, that the marina was grandfathered in for 90 additional slips. We also found that the city offered a pool of slips to local marina owners if the marina offered public benefit. A local investor topped the offers with a quick close and a cash deal. The buyer had an existing established relationship with Simply Marinas, and we knew he had the financial capability to realize the upside. We sold him the uplands portion two years later.

The Results

Our presentation focused on the significant, upside. Two months of marketing locally, as well as globally, built a strong interest in the marina property. Our team conducted a deadline for offers outlining the seller’s preferences for a quick sale and a cash offer.

People are talking ...

“Over the course of our business relationship, Simply Marinas’ team has proven to be exceptional. They listed three properties for us and have sold all of them. We hired them for the disposition of one of our marina assets initially. Their knowledge of marinas and the market was obvious. They go into great depth and analysis to present the marinas and are skilled at negotiations. They are proactive towards buyers and pay attention to the details, which has saved us money in the process. I find them to be professional, honest, hard-working and easy to work with. I would recommend
their services to any who inquire.”