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Selling a Marina

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The Simply Marinas team offers marina owners full concierge services from the much needed pre-sale strategic groundwork, to delivering accelerated results at the highest value.

Excerpts from a Marina Dock Age Magazine Article contributed by George Ash, National Director of Simply Marinas.


Considering selling your marina?

Here is a readiness checklist to maximize your marina’s sale value:

Schedule a consultation with your Simply Marinas Advisor to conduct a valuation and a strategic assessment.
Work with your tax professional or financial advisor to discuss your exit options, and the tax implications of factors such as depreciation and purchase price allocation (tangible assets vs. intangible assets).
Prepare a due diligence package to include verifiable financial statements, and other relevant items such as environmental reports, rent rolls, surveys, existing permits, insurance information, payroll reports, an asset list, etc.
Examine the marina’s deferred maintenance requirements to manage liabilities and risk and to maximize your selling price.
Share potential ideas for a prospective buyer to generate upside after they take over.
Study the marina sales and acquisitions market to gain a realistic valuation of your asset.
Consider the financing environment and owner financing where feasible.
Gain an understanding of the timeline required to market your marina and see the deal through to closing.
Simply Marinas has been involved in over 100 marina, marina resort and waterfront transactions nationwide. Our Simply Marinas team assisted with over 250 marina consultations globally. We cover various facets of marina transactions including sales, acquisitions, marketing, due diligence, valuation, financial analysis, financing, and permitting.

The Simply Marinas Team works for you. We manage our offerings to suit our client’s preference. Contact us to determine which program works best for you.

Confidential Marina Offering:

We have tried and tested systems in place that allow us to market your marina for sale under strict confidentiality. We vet buyers and require them to sign a confidentiality agreement to help ensure the offering and any related documents are kept private. Prior to receiving a signed confidentiality agreement, the marina is only marketed or presented without a name or location. Using our long-term industry connections and our proprietary buyer database, we present the marina, one-on-one, to select buyers with acquisition criteria that match the offering.

Public Marina Offering:

We put the unmatched power of the Simply Marinas marketing engine behind your offering. Here are some of the powerful tools we use:

  • Regular email blasts to the Simply Marinas proprietary database of buyers, compiled over our 20+ years in the business and including more than 12,000 marina investors
  • Listing placements and email blasts through a variety of syndication networks
  • Regular print, web and email advertising through industry publications, conferences, and marina associations
  • Paper mail campaigns
  • Dedicated single-listing website
  • Offering packages
  • Placement on our website, one of the most visited marina brokerage sites in the nation
  • One-on-one phone calls and in-person presentations to select buyers
  • Comprehensive Co-Brokerage outreach to facilitate cooperation

Contact us for a complimentary strategic consultation and preliminary valuation.