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Simply Marinas offers a full suite of concierge services bringing the essential insights needed for a marina acquisition or disposition transaction. These include marina brokerage, thorough due diligence, equity/debt raise, valuation, deal structure and exit strategy consultations.
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Our Goal

Our goal is to help marina owners prepare their marinas for sale and to deliver a successful closing at the highest value.

This is how:

Concierge Services

Marina Advisory Services

thumb_01_60_60Complimentary Consultation

We conduct an initial consultation to gain insights on owners’ perspectives and operations, and to review relevant reports.
thumb_01_60_60Valuation and Strategic Assessment
We conduct an initial valuation, and examine EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization).
thumb_01_60_60Positioning for Highest Value
We position the offering for the most effective presentation and marketing in order to create the highest value.
thumb_01_60_60Deal Structure for Optimal Returns
Our advisors discuss with the owners and their advisors the best deal structure for tax implications.
thumb_01_60_60Exit Strategy Investment Analysis
Our advisors explore, with the owners and their advisors, the implications of future and alternative investments.

Marina Sales Services

thumb_01_60_60Outreach: SM Network | Global Marketing

With over 12,000 marina investors in our Network, our award winning outreach helps buyers discover your marina.

thumb_01_60_60Transaction Management | Due Diligence

Our top-tier team has unmatched transaction management skills and offers solutions to ensure a successful closing.

thumb_01_60_60Managing Market Feedback

We compile market feedback from prospective marina buyers. We then use this insight in helping the marina owner best position the marina for sale.

thumb_01_60_60Negotiation | Deadline for Offers

We explore deadline for offers vs. longer term marketing. We are masters at creating a win-win to conclude a successful sale.

thumb_01_60_60Debt and Equity Network

As private lenders, we understand underwriting. With our network of lenders, we have facilitated financing various marinas.

Take Advantage of Our Tremendous Buyer’s Network

With almost two decades in the industry, we have amassed over 12,000 marina investors in our Simply Marinas Network. This positions us to represent multiple buyers who entrust Simply Marinas to find the right marina asset. These buyers include:

  • End users with marina experience
  • Family office and funds looking for established marinas with proven upside
  • New, non-traditional marina investors entering the marina market for the first time, including self storage, RV park, developers, and multifamily investors
  • Large marina companies consolidating marina acquisitions nationally
  • Regional marina owners adding marinas in a specific region


Check our Flexible Programs

We offer programs such as: 1) off-market, 2) Confidential process, and 3) Open market. Not every program is right for every seller.
Drop us a line to determine which program or programs may work best for you.
With your registration, we can match your marina property with the right program – and buyer.

Contact us for a complimentary strategic consultation and preliminary valuation.