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Northport Bay Boat Yard Sale, MI

The Background and Challenge

The owners selected Simply Marinas after conducting a national search and requested a confidential sale process. We were not authorized to share the name of the marina or its location. Due to the confidentiality, the marketing was limited to Simply Marinas’ existing network. Marina Dock Age magazine featured the sale. George Ash shared: “We have a unique process in handling confidential offerings that has worked for our clients which includes outreach to our SM e-network. A prospect gets pre-qualified and signs a strict confidentiality agreement before getting cleared to receive confidential details about the property.”

The Results

Our outreach resulted in 20 interested parties and five qualified offers. The buyer, who has been in our network for two years, has a solid foundation in boat storage and service. We introduced him to multiple lending sources. “This move creates great synergy with the group’s current plans,” Ash said.

People are talking ...

“We couldn’t have been more satisfied with the Simply Marinas team. They handled the confidentiality process, the buyer’s inquisitions and the transaction exceptionally well, bringing us to a smooth, successful closing. Their commitment, dedication and successful marketing prove their outstanding efforts they put forward in all aspects to a seller’s expectations. We could not be more pleased with the Simply Marinas team, and in our opinion, a highly regarded, professional marketing team; we would recommend them to anyone who inquires.”