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South Harbour Village Marina, NC

The Background and Challenge

Simply Marinas conducted an aggressive marketing campaign that attracted interest from both seasoned marina operators and diversified commercial real estate investors looking to enter the marina space. The marina was an attractive acquisition opportunity, and to further maximize the sale price, the Simply Marinas team demonstrated a viable path to upside. The team created an in-depth proforma showing the marina in its current operating scenario with the dockominium in play, and a separate proforma showing the upside scenario of a fully-owned marina. SM also consolidated the different operating entities in a spreadsheet to present buyers a precise financial report for the marina as a whole.

The Results

We received interest from a large number of qualified prospects that resulted in multiple offers. We thoroughly prequalified the prospects. Owners received four contracts and selected
to contract with a capable marina operator that was a cash buyer. The sale closed near asking price.

People are talking ...

“We hired Dennis, Michelle, and George as a team, and they have been great professionals and helpful to both us as the seller and our potential buyers. The team provided thorough analysis of the financials and operations. They added value by suggesting operational tips and best positioning of the marina. Their responsiveness and qualifications are above and beyond. Over the course of our listing, the Simply Marinas team generated multiple offers, thanks to their extensive marketing efforts and even more extensive network. Thanks to their efforts, they matched us with the perfect buyer.”