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Strong Interest in Marina Acquisitions Continues – Valuations Change: 2022 Going into  2023 

The Simply Marinas team has hit the ground running in 2023 and seeing continued strong  interest in marina acquisitions.  

In spite of the higher interest rates and uncertainty in the commercial real estate market overall,  new groups and well-funded investors are continuing to enter the marina market. Our team is  dedicated to identifying the right marina deals for our qualified clients. 

These investors state that their interest in marina acquisitions is based on factors such as the limited supply of marina properties, restrictions to entry, and having higher cap rates than other  commercial real estate assets such as multifamily, office, retail, or self-storage. The accelerated  depreciation and ability to create higher revenues proved to be appealing factors, as well.  


For the midsize to large marinas, we continued to see strong valuations and short closing  timelines from cash buyers, or buyers with investment funds in place and a strong banking  relationship. Alternatively, small marinas are requiring longer due diligence at higher cap rates  than what we have seen in 2021/22. 

In general, we are seeing a change in valuation criteria. Investors are proving to be more  conservative in their marina valuation, primarily due to more restrictive funding and higher  interest rates.  

Alternative Financing 

Seller financing and alternative private lending options are becoming more commonplace to  facilitate deals over short-term periods. Private lending offers interest-only short-term loans for  those who intend to refinance within 3 to 5 years. These options allow buyers to refinance later  with traditional banks when interest rates and the debt market are more favorable.  

Simply Marinas Sales 

The Simply Marinas team has had a strong streak of marina and marina resort sales over recent  months. While the company’s transactions included marinas of varying sizes, the majority of the  sales have been trophy marina sales as well as mid-size marina sales, nationwide. The sales were  exclusive offerings of our team, conducted through a confidential process and presented to the  Simply Marinas’ network and to select prequalified buyers through a competitive bidding  process.  

Simply Marinas Team Recent Sales Include:

Garrison bight Marina, FL Keys 

Coconut Cay Marina and Resort , Marathon Key, FL 

Chula Vista Marina, SD 

Channel Club Marina – NJ 

Miami River Marine Site, FL 

SE Marina and Resort Portfolio 

Marinas at Little Harbor, FL 

Four Corner Marina and RV Resort, TN 

Cedar Creek Marina and Resort, TN 

Holden Beach Marina, NC 

Key Colony Marina, Marathon Key, FL 

Yacht Haven Marina, FL Keys 

North Point Yacht Club, TX 

Port Charles Harbor, MS 

Miami River Marina, FL 

Smugglers Cove Marina, KY 

Dry Storage Marina, FL 

Leatherwood Marina, TN 

About Simply Marinas 

Simply Marinas has been a leader in marina acquisitions and dispositions for more than 20 years  and across more than 250 transactions. A family-owned and operated marina brokerage, we are  also marina investors and lenders who offer our clients expertise from presale groundwork  through valuation, due diligence, financing, and successful closings. Contact us  at, or 305-390-0397 to find out how our network of over 13,000 

marina investors, as well as our experience, can help you close the deal. For more information  on the company track record, offerings and case studies, visit Many of  our offerings are confidential and are not on the website. Please register with our team to receive  our offerings.